Happy Birthday, Little One!

Sweet Adeline -- Happy First Birthday! You have filled our world with wonder since we first met you in the wee hours of the morning! You took my breath away the instant I saw you. God has truly blessed our whole family and all our friends by giving you to us. Everyone said we wouldn't remember life before you were here and that is true. It seems like you've been here for much longer than a year. You've done so much growing and I can hardly wait to see what you'll do next. Right now, you are working on standing up on your own so I bet you walk all by yourself very soon! You love to laugh, talk, blow kissess, wave, and hold your baby. You are an amazing little girl! You bring us much joy! TTAYLI (You'll learn what that means one day!)


Eventful...to say the least!

In my last post of videos, you might have noticed the cardboard boxes behind Adeline. Slowly, but surely, we have been preparing to sell our house. Over the last two years, we've updated bathrooms, painted rooms and the exterior, replaced the central heat/air, replaced the fence, and moved lots to storage...all so someone else can come live here! It was all worth it because our house sold in just over a week! Great, but we hadn't found a new one yet. Thankfully, that changed yesterday when we made an offer that was accepted in just over an hour! It a wonderful home with lots of space to share with family and friends. The plan is to be moving mid-October and continue in this incredible adventure. God has been so good to us and we give thanks for the ways He has moved in these last few weeks. Our prayers have been for all parties to be blessed and I am certain that is happening! Keep the prayers coming as the inspections get scheduled and more (and more and more and more) boxes get packed.

Adeline's first birthday is a few weeks away which seems impossible! What a tremendous time this has been. Lately, she has popped two more teeth on the top and continues to babble all the time. She's decided she doesn't like peas again, but I'm pretty sure she'd eat a whole can of green beans if I'd let her! She is a fast scooter, but takes the time to pull herslf up now, too. She tries walking when someone holds her hands. She signs the word "more" and we are working on the word "please" right now. She says "dada", "mama", "baby", and has a word that resembles "dog" when she is talking about Josie. I've always cuddled her tight, swaying and singing a little song (if you can call it that) with the words "my baby" over and over. Recently, she started moving back and forth doing it, too. It's delightful to hear her and watch her do this! Of course, I'll share it with you if I can get it on video.