Jamamas and Schlocate Milk

I know I haven't posted any pictures in a while, but they will come.  While the new computer is up and running, I haven't gotten to upload pics from the camera in ages.  Some day...

So, about the title...

Most certainly due to the "teacher" in  me, we have worked REALLY hard to help Adeline hear words correctly and say things correctly.  It's been amazing to watch her and listen to her gain vocabulary and use it in so many ways!  Honestly, there are times I simply say to her "Watch me," and I'll repeat a word for her.  99% of the time she says it beautifully -- just way I did.

Except for "pajamas" and "chocolate milk"...

She's always said "jamamas" instead of pajamas.  It just keeps coming out of her mouth that way. I think they are more snuggly than pajamas!

The other night we were talking about having some hot chocolate for dinner and she said she wanted some "hot schlocate".  I said "hot chocolate" and she said, "No, Momma -- watch me -- hot SCHLOCATE!"  (I so wish you could hear her say it to get the full effect!!)

So, we had some "hot schlocate" with dinner.  And, it was delicious!!  Then we cuddled for books in our "jamamas".

I'll take that kind of night ANYTIME! 

Love my girl!! :)


Happy New Year!!

Oh, what a wonderful season this has been!  Adeline has added so much fun and laughter to everything happening around us.  We've been singing carols as we drive in the car; her favorite is Up On The Housetop.  She loves to cuddle the Baby Jesus she made in Sunday School a few weeks ago.  She loves to "play with her kings", which is her name for our nativities.  She's especially fond of Joseph! As requested, Santa brought her a baby doll, as well as a dustpan and broom, and MagnaDoodle. When Adeline was about 9 months old, Popo handcrafted a beautiful wood table and benches that he and Memaw gave her with a fun tea set! Pictures to come as soon as possible...

It was hard to go back to school today as we have SO enjoyed all of our time together!  What a blessing it has been to have extra time to snuggle on the couch and read together in the mornings.  The unusally warm weather allowed us to be outside to swing in the front yard and/or slide in the back yard!  (We have a new-to-us climber/slide that Daddy and Jaron picked up just before Christmas!  Thanks Freelands!!)

As we start this new year, we give many thanks for God's blessings and provisions in 2010.  We look forward to what He has to show us in '11!  May you and yours be blessed.


Santa Claus is Coming to Town

It has been much fun preparing for the holidays this year.  Adeline is thrilled with the sights and sounds of the season -- lights, Santa Claus, Baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, Christmas trees, etc!  Over the last week, we have made a few trips to Northpark Mall to observe Santa.  You see, last year, Adeline screamed through the visit so we decided we'd try giving her time to watch other kids around him without any pressure.  On our first visits, she had talked to him from a distance and gave him a high five...but no way was she going to sit near him! Our plan worked nicely and the third time was the charm!  "Wanna sit on Santa's lap!" and off she went. She told him she wanted a baby doll...and a new baby!  That wasn't what WE'VE been discussing.  Santa's got the baby doll under control, but she's gonna have to chat with God about the other!!!  Before she left, she again gave him a high five and even a kiss.  It was a precious sight! Pictures to come...

Praying you are blessed in this joyful season!!


Giving Thanks

I started this post yesterday -- at least in my mind!  Yesterday was a tremendous time with family and friends.  I am grateful for much!  I am guilty of getting caught up in the "day-to-day" that I tend to forget my thankfulness.  As I look back to my early posts, I was trying to post each week with a Thankful Thursday.  I'm challenging myself to get back to that as often as possible.

As we celebrated the day yesterday, I remain incredibly thankful for our new home.  We've been here just over a year and it still seems surreal.  We have great neighbors and so enjoy the quietness around us!  The beauty of the fall trees has been stunning. We recently had the roof replaced after this summer's hailstorm and it looks great.  Last week, we had sod laid in the front yard and it changed the look of things for the better, as well!  On the inside, we have plenty of room to enjoy one another's company and we are now looking forward to Advent and Christmas.

As always, I am thankful for my sweet girl. Adeline knocks our socks off everyday!  She talks ALL THE TIME!! She wakes up talking and goes to sleep talking! (and, like her mom, she sometimes talks in her sleep!!) Off the top of my head, she loves her family, her friends, her dogs, books, shoes, giraffes, and monkeys.  She has an intense laughter that causes us to smile and laugh right along with her.  She's a keen observer of the world around her!

My life would be so empty without Ben.  I am thankful for his gentle spirit that loves me and Adeline unceasingly.  After many years of prayer, God opened the door for a new job in March.  While the transition hasn't always been easy, we are thankful for this opportunity.  Ben is being challenged which causes us to be challenged so we are growing. What a gift he is to our family!


A Silver Anniversary

Not that I have any good excuses, but it isn't as easy to update these days.  I now have to maintain a blog for school, and sad to say, it has gotten the updates lately.

I totally missed an update for the sweet thing's 2nd birthday! But, I realized this weekend that I could write about her 25th (month!) Silver Anniversary which occurred this past Saturday, October 30th!  I know I write it each time, but she continues to AMAZE us in so many ways.  Between home and school, she has learned quite a repertoire of songs and nursery rhymes to share.  Right now, her favorites are Five Little Monkeys Swinging on the Tree and Humpty Dumpty.  She's got the ABC song down for the most part and is working on counting past 10. She loves to be outside and is a great helper on Sunday mornings to walk out to get the paper for Daddy!  We are able to communicate more and more as her vocabualry grows.  Each day, it seems, she puts more words together in sentences to clearly say what she means.  There is no doubt when she says, "I don't want to!" and your heart melts when she says, "I love you!"  Adeline Jane -- Mommy and Daddy LOVE you, too!

For her real birthday last month, we took our first family vacation to Branson. We have a great time enjoying the fall weather while playing outside at Silver Dollar City and playing inside at the waterpark in our hotel! She and I rode the butterflies and she rode the frogs with Daddy.  She has her daddy's tummy for rides as she wanted to go again and again!! I will treasure the memories for a lifetime and I hope there is something she might remember, too.  She was also intrigued by a statue of a hot pink gorilla in front of a garden shop there and insisted, "I ride it!" So, we stopped for pictures of her on top of the gorilla!  It was a hoot!

We are all getting used to a new four-legged member of our family.  Aussie is a miniature Australian Shepherd who is keeping us all on our toes!  She loves to be around people and especially enjoys chasing balls with Adeline in the backyard.  Adeline is sweet to her (most of the time!) and cheers her on when she pees outside.  "Good pee, Aussie!"  Gotta love it!!

For Halloween, she dressed up as a giraffe.  She LOVES giraffes!  We went to her school carnival a few weeks ago and she had a blast palying games there.  Yesterday Uncle Chris, Aunt Juju, and Chase had a party that was so much fun and then we got to go to another carnival with some friends.  It was a busy, fun day full of treats!!


100 Weeks!

That's how old my toddler is today! I get a weekly email about growth
and development and each week posts your child's age in weeks. I think
it's a pretty cool way to think about it! The 100th day if school has
always been one of my favorites and this 100th week of Adeline's life
is an exciting milestone to me!

So, what does this 100 week-old toddler do? She walks, talks, plays,
laughs, climbs, sings, cries, runs, bosses, strolls, hides, giggles,
prays, organizes, rides, swings, slides, amazes, hugs, kisses,
smiles, obeys, disobeys, loves, reads, claps, dances ...and blesses us
more than we could ever have imagined!

May the Lord grant us hundreds and hundred and hundreds more weeks!


Chipmunk Cheeks!

These days Adeline LOVES cherry tomatoes! She pulled the container out
of the fridge and plopped herself on the floor for a snack. She also
tends to grab one more as she puts her milk cup away before teeth
brushing. It's the funniest thing! She's like her daddy, in this
regard, because Mommy doesn't like tomatoes very much. Oh well...glad
she likes them!!