Jamamas and Schlocate Milk

I know I haven't posted any pictures in a while, but they will come.  While the new computer is up and running, I haven't gotten to upload pics from the camera in ages.  Some day...

So, about the title...

Most certainly due to the "teacher" in  me, we have worked REALLY hard to help Adeline hear words correctly and say things correctly.  It's been amazing to watch her and listen to her gain vocabulary and use it in so many ways!  Honestly, there are times I simply say to her "Watch me," and I'll repeat a word for her.  99% of the time she says it beautifully -- just way I did.

Except for "pajamas" and "chocolate milk"...

She's always said "jamamas" instead of pajamas.  It just keeps coming out of her mouth that way. I think they are more snuggly than pajamas!

The other night we were talking about having some hot chocolate for dinner and she said she wanted some "hot schlocate".  I said "hot chocolate" and she said, "No, Momma -- watch me -- hot SCHLOCATE!"  (I so wish you could hear her say it to get the full effect!!)

So, we had some "hot schlocate" with dinner.  And, it was delicious!!  Then we cuddled for books in our "jamamas".

I'll take that kind of night ANYTIME! 

Love my girl!! :)

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