Happy New Year!!

Oh, what a wonderful season this has been!  Adeline has added so much fun and laughter to everything happening around us.  We've been singing carols as we drive in the car; her favorite is Up On The Housetop.  She loves to cuddle the Baby Jesus she made in Sunday School a few weeks ago.  She loves to "play with her kings", which is her name for our nativities.  She's especially fond of Joseph! As requested, Santa brought her a baby doll, as well as a dustpan and broom, and MagnaDoodle. When Adeline was about 9 months old, Popo handcrafted a beautiful wood table and benches that he and Memaw gave her with a fun tea set! Pictures to come as soon as possible...

It was hard to go back to school today as we have SO enjoyed all of our time together!  What a blessing it has been to have extra time to snuggle on the couch and read together in the mornings.  The unusally warm weather allowed us to be outside to swing in the front yard and/or slide in the back yard!  (We have a new-to-us climber/slide that Daddy and Jaron picked up just before Christmas!  Thanks Freelands!!)

As we start this new year, we give many thanks for God's blessings and provisions in 2010.  We look forward to what He has to show us in '11!  May you and yours be blessed.

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