I couldn't even post more than a title!!

We have moved and continue to unpack boxes while preparing for Christmas! Don't know if those are the best reasons for not posting anything since the little girl's birthday, but that's all I've got! We are more than thankful for our new home. We have doubled our space and are thrilled with our new neighborhood! God has given us more than we could have imagined and it all happened so fast. It really doesn't even seem real still...We can't get the cars in the garage yet, but that day will come! It was wonderful having 16 family members here for Thanksgiving and we look forward to the Christmas season, as well.
Adeline hasn't decided to walk on her own yet, but crawls like crazy! She is talking all the time and just amazes us with the way she thinks about things and understands what you say to her. She is loving her Fisher-Price nativity for the Advent season.
She likes dogs -- a lot -- until the big ones bark really loud and get rowdy! She and Josie (our dog) get along just fine! It's precious to watch her love on Josie, although Josie isn't quite as thrilled about her most of the time. She continues to love books and, of course, we read the ones with dogs over and over.
We've marked "first haircut" off our list! The front of her hair was so long it was interfering with eating! My hairdresser, Theresa, did a fabulous job cutting bangs and trimming the sides.