On the second day of Christmas...

we spent another wonderful day with family! That's what I am thankful for this day and yesterday and always...tremendous family whose love in unconditional and unending! We are blessed beyond measure!

Merry Christmas to all and may Christ be with you throughout the 12 Days of Christmas!



My thankfulness this day is that we made it to Thursday! Ben and Adeline have had a great week together and I have made it to work four days in a row. My kids at school have showered me with hugs and kind words to welcome me. Lunch duty hasn't changed much -- except I think more of them can open the milk cartons on their own now!! My colleagues have been wonderful, too. Thank you, Lord, for answering prayers this week as we took this new step together!

Adeline is 11 weeks old now and continues to make us grin all the time as we get ready for this holiday season. She loves to look at the lights on the Christmas tree. Tonight she was a special guest at Ben's office party. It was a nice dinner at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club. There was a sweet acknowledgement of her arrival in their slideshow about the events of 2008. Thanks DAC!



This week has been a roller coaster of emotions for me as I prepare to go back to work next week. I really don't have enough words to thank God for his perfect plan in allowing me to be off work for nearly three months to be with Adeline. I will treasure this always! I am thankful He is providing the opportunity for Ben to stay home with her next week. What a sweet time it will be for the two of them! Christmas Break will follow so we will be together for a short time again before she starts in her child development program in January.

On Tuesday night we went to Norman to take family pictures with my side of the family. These days it is quite a feat to get us all together at the same time! I am thankful for the laughter and smiles we shared together. My brothers are goofy! I'll post some pics when we get them. After the pics session, we ate at Victoria's which is one of our favorite restaurants in Norman. It holds special memories as it is where Ben and I AND Chris and Julie had our first dates -- and Ben proposed to me there, too!

I am thankful for Kyle and Chris who have helped keep our fence up this year. The wind this week has done some more damage that we will have to repair soon. But, for now, lots of rope and stakes are keeping it together. Brothers, thank you for coming to the rescue!

I am thankful for this season of Advent. This year, as I gaze at my sweet one, I have a different perspective of Mary. I dont' necessarily have anything profound to say about it, but I understand things differently now because of Adeline. Thank you, Father, for sending your son into the world to be a savior for us all!


Jolly Old St. Nicholas

On Sunday afternoon, Ben, my mom, and I took Adeline to meet Santa for the first time! We visited him at Northpark Mall. (Thanks, Steph, for teaching us about this! This Santa is sponsored by the Rotary Club and all money goes to support local charity.) I thought she might nap through the whole thing, but she woke up just before we got to the front of the line! She looks a little sleepy, but it was good to see those blue eyes. She was dressed in an ADORABLE outfit given to her by a friend we've known for years! I made a hair bow to go with it and she looked like one of Santa's little elves! While I know she won't remember this day, I am certain we will.


These are a few of my favorite things...

My thankfulness today is specifically about Adeline and some of the cool things that are happening with her these days. She is sleeping 6-7 hours each night in her big crib! It just happened a few weeks ago that I put her in the big crib for one of her naps during the day and she has been sleeping there ever since. She looks so small compared to when she was in the bassinet, but she is growing so much. The good news about this is that Ben and I are sleeping more, too. Thank you, Lord! When we go in to get her in the morning, she just grins so big! It melts your heart and starts the day like I've never imagined possible. What joy and simplicity on that face! Throughout the day, she usually stays awake for an hour and a half after she eats. She likes to sit in her rocking chair, lay on her back on her play mat or blanket and kick those legs, or cuddle to read books! It's amazing to watch her use her eyes to look around at all that is happening. And I must mention how much I love it when she sneezes!! Sometimes, she sneeezes like Ben which is just ONE powerful sneeze and other times it is like me...four little ones right in a row! We thank you, Lord, for all the blessings of this life, especially this little girl!


Thankful Monday

It doesn't seem possible that Thursday was four days ago and I haven't had a chance to post anything. I missed the Thankful Thursday that actually is marked on the calendar. Again, I am reminded that we are called to be thankful each day, not just one day a year. So, today I am thankful for:
1. Ben as we celebrate our 7th anniversary today! My days are brighter because of you and Adeline is so lucky to have you for her daddy!
2. my brothers Chris and Kevin who celebrate birthdays this week, too. You both make me smile!
3. holiday visits with good friends.
4. the season of Advent. Lord, help me focus on you in this season of preparation!

Amazingly, Adeline is two months old. (the same day Uncle Chris turned 30!) She brings much joy and many smiles to us each day!


Promised pics and NB update

I think this picture might just be what I've always imagined when someone says 'sleeping like a baby'! Peaceful, isn't she?This is Adeline with her four-legged cousins Max (black dog), Lucy (fat dog), and Wrigley (adorable chocolate lab puppy). Max and Lucy live at Mom's house and Wrigley belongs to my brother and sister-in-law, Chris and Julie. Fun fact: Adeline and Wrigley are only two days apart in age!! Cool, huh? We all enjoyed being outside last Sunday afternoon when it was so beautiful. The last time we were all together was the middle of the night when Adeline was born! So, I did get my scores and found out I did not earn enough points to pass National Board certification this time. I was really sad yesterday when I found out, but have had several people help me keep things in perspective about what is really important. Like I said earlier, the process has helped me grow in many ways and I am thankful for that. My identity does not come from pieces of paper that have passing scores, but it comes in the fact that I am certain that I am fulfilling God's purpose for my life in being a really good teacher -- and now a mom! Adeline is certainly my greatest accomplishment ever!! I can choose to redo some aspects of the process...I will think about that later.


It's Thursday again!

It doesn't seem possible that it is Thursday again! Whew! We took Adeline to the doctor yesterday for her six week check up and shots. She is now 10 lbs. 11 oz. and 22 1/4 inches long. Yep -- she's growing! Her pediatrician was pleased with how she is holding her head up when she is on her tummy. She is very alert and once again displayed her lung capacity as she cried when she got her shots-- but thankfully, it wasn't for very long. She is so brave! I need to download some pictures from the camera and then I can share some other pics.

Until then...I am thankful that:
1. my brother, Kevin (Adeline's Uncle Kevin), has accepted a job as a musician with Carnival Crusie Lines. We are thankful that God has opened this door for him! He leaves mid-January to sail out (although he reminded me that cruise ships don't have sails!) of Miami. I think he said this boat's itinerary rotates between the Bahamas and Western Caribbean. What beautiful places to see!
2. Ben just walked in the door after a busy day at work. I appreciate how hard he works to take very good care of our family! He is a blessing!
3. the wait for National Board Certification scores is about over; they will be posted tomorrow. Many of you know that I spent last school year completing the process to become a National Board Certified teacher. It was one of the most challenging things I've done, but I learned a LOT about myself and my teaching. We'll see what happens tomorrow...


Thankful Thursday

Oops! I meant to include this a moment ago and forgot. I'm borrowing an idea from my sweet friend, Jennifer, who writes about thankfulness each Thursday. (Jennifer is one of my former youth group kiddos who is a cool grown-up now!) I always enjoy reading all of her posts, but especially her Thankful Thursdays because I am usually reminded to offer God my prayers of thanksgiving, too.

On this Thursday, I am thankful for:
1. the lunch date Adeline and I had with Tyna and Jennie.
2. the beautiful fall leaves blowing all around us.
3. Uncle Kevin's job possibilities (more on that to come).
4. four more weeks to spend at home with Adeline.

God, you are gracious in all that you give to us! Thank you for providing all I need and even giving me the things I want.

Six weeks and counting

Well, Adeline is now six weeks old! In my perfect world, I would have posted this on Tuesday as that is the day she really turned six weeks old. In fact, she and I were awake at 12:01 am for me to wish her Happy Birthday. Before she was here, so many people remarked how quickly time would pass and it is so true! While I know we can't always tell, I know she is growing every day. We are starting to get more smiles and little giggles from her, which just makes you smile. She is definitely following things with her eyes more and especially likes to look at a Van Gogh print we have on the living room wall. Maybe she will be an artist one day...

Happy six week birthday, Adeline! We love you!

A few pics to enjoy...


A new beginning

Life is full of "firsts" right now as we enjoy life with our little girl, Adeline Jane! Over the years, my friends' blogs have been a great way to keep up with their families. I especially enjoy the times they have chronicled some of the amazing and funny things their kids say and do -- those things we always say we want to remember! Their blogs have been a great place to hold onto some of those memories. So, we've decided to to join the blogging world, too. Hopefully, we'll capture many things we want to remember and share them along the way!
Adeline and Daddy's first picture!
Adeline's first hat!
Going home for the first time in the outfit Daddy picked for her!

Her first sponge bath at home!

Her first outing to hear Uncle Kevin play at Sauced!