A new beginning

Life is full of "firsts" right now as we enjoy life with our little girl, Adeline Jane! Over the years, my friends' blogs have been a great way to keep up with their families. I especially enjoy the times they have chronicled some of the amazing and funny things their kids say and do -- those things we always say we want to remember! Their blogs have been a great place to hold onto some of those memories. So, we've decided to to join the blogging world, too. Hopefully, we'll capture many things we want to remember and share them along the way!
Adeline and Daddy's first picture!
Adeline's first hat!
Going home for the first time in the outfit Daddy picked for her!

Her first sponge bath at home!

Her first outing to hear Uncle Kevin play at Sauced!

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Darlene said...

And don't forget the Greek Festival! She will grow faster than you can imagine; treasure each and every moment! She is beautiful.