Promised pics and NB update

I think this picture might just be what I've always imagined when someone says 'sleeping like a baby'! Peaceful, isn't she?This is Adeline with her four-legged cousins Max (black dog), Lucy (fat dog), and Wrigley (adorable chocolate lab puppy). Max and Lucy live at Mom's house and Wrigley belongs to my brother and sister-in-law, Chris and Julie. Fun fact: Adeline and Wrigley are only two days apart in age!! Cool, huh? We all enjoyed being outside last Sunday afternoon when it was so beautiful. The last time we were all together was the middle of the night when Adeline was born! So, I did get my scores and found out I did not earn enough points to pass National Board certification this time. I was really sad yesterday when I found out, but have had several people help me keep things in perspective about what is really important. Like I said earlier, the process has helped me grow in many ways and I am thankful for that. My identity does not come from pieces of paper that have passing scores, but it comes in the fact that I am certain that I am fulfilling God's purpose for my life in being a really good teacher -- and now a mom! Adeline is certainly my greatest accomplishment ever!! I can choose to redo some aspects of the process...I will think about that later.

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Denise said...

I LOVE that pic of Adeline sleeping! So sweet! And I'm sorry to hear about NB but you are on the right path KNOWING that your worth doesn't come from a paper or letters after your name! you ARE a wonderful teacher and I'm so grateful to call you friend!

Love you!
Nee Nee