God is BIG enough

I give thanks to God that He hears us when we pray and that He is big enough to handle all that is asked by his children. Over the last two weeks, we have had several friends and our own family dealing with sickness, with some of them being in the hospital. We give thanks to God for his power to heal and make us well. He is doing just that!

Adeline is up to some new tricks these days as she approaches the five month mark! She is rolling from her back to her tummy which has made for new adventures in sleeping. We've transitioned to the sleep sack (boy, do I wish I'd invented that!) so she has her arms free to do what she needs when she sleeps. While we know it is safest for her to sleep on her back, we can't keep her there. We trust God to keep her safe as she sleeps -- in whatever position she chooses.

She loves to grab her feet and toes! So far, she hasn't figured out how to chew on them, but she sure likes to stretch those legs and reach for them. I'm sure the chewing will come...

Yet again, I am posting this on the laptop and all the pics are on the desktop. So, I will post pics soon.


Is it really February?

Only in Oklahoma can you have a two week span include ice, snow, sunshine, rain, and tornadoes, with temps ranging from the 20s to the 70s. WOW! With today's sever weather, we did take shelter at school (twice!!) and our kiddos did an AMAZING job! I was so proud of them. It was a new feeling to wonder about my own little girl, but I had a calm about me that everything was just fine where she was. Ben picked her up today as he could get there faster than I could. When he got there, all of the children and teachers were in the basement and all was good! I am thankful for God's protection today and pray for those people who have been affected by the storms.

I finally uploaded a few pictures from Adeline's first snow/ice storm. It was an unexpected blessing to stay home with her for those few days. Ben got to stay home for 2 of the days, too, and we all enjoyed staying in our pajamas. We finally ventured outside when Ben had to de-ice his car in order to go to back to work.


Good health...

is what I say thank you for this week. Since the beginning of January, I have not felt great with a variety of things...the latest being shingles! With shingles, one symptomg a person typically shows is a rash on just one side of the body in one place (usually on the abdomen). Mine was on the left side of my scalp. It has been one of the most bizarre things I've experienced! As a nursing mom, I am thankful there was medicine I could take! It has allowed me to sleep in my own bed for the past week (instead of in the rocker in Adeline's room because it hurt to lay flat in bed on a pillow). My doctor says that a case of shingles averages about 2 months...I'm praying to beat that by a long shot!