My thankfulness this day is that we made it to Thursday! Ben and Adeline have had a great week together and I have made it to work four days in a row. My kids at school have showered me with hugs and kind words to welcome me. Lunch duty hasn't changed much -- except I think more of them can open the milk cartons on their own now!! My colleagues have been wonderful, too. Thank you, Lord, for answering prayers this week as we took this new step together!

Adeline is 11 weeks old now and continues to make us grin all the time as we get ready for this holiday season. She loves to look at the lights on the Christmas tree. Tonight she was a special guest at Ben's office party. It was a nice dinner at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club. There was a sweet acknowledgement of her arrival in their slideshow about the events of 2008. Thanks DAC!

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