This week has been a roller coaster of emotions for me as I prepare to go back to work next week. I really don't have enough words to thank God for his perfect plan in allowing me to be off work for nearly three months to be with Adeline. I will treasure this always! I am thankful He is providing the opportunity for Ben to stay home with her next week. What a sweet time it will be for the two of them! Christmas Break will follow so we will be together for a short time again before she starts in her child development program in January.

On Tuesday night we went to Norman to take family pictures with my side of the family. These days it is quite a feat to get us all together at the same time! I am thankful for the laughter and smiles we shared together. My brothers are goofy! I'll post some pics when we get them. After the pics session, we ate at Victoria's which is one of our favorite restaurants in Norman. It holds special memories as it is where Ben and I AND Chris and Julie had our first dates -- and Ben proposed to me there, too!

I am thankful for Kyle and Chris who have helped keep our fence up this year. The wind this week has done some more damage that we will have to repair soon. But, for now, lots of rope and stakes are keeping it together. Brothers, thank you for coming to the rescue!

I am thankful for this season of Advent. This year, as I gaze at my sweet one, I have a different perspective of Mary. I dont' necessarily have anything profound to say about it, but I understand things differently now because of Adeline. Thank you, Father, for sending your son into the world to be a savior for us all!

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She has grown so much in such a short time. She is just beautiful. I love your blog and being able to keep up with you, Adeline and your brothers! They are still little boys in my mind. It's just amazing what time does! Look forward to your next posting. Thanks!