Santa Claus is Coming to Town

It has been much fun preparing for the holidays this year.  Adeline is thrilled with the sights and sounds of the season -- lights, Santa Claus, Baby Jesus, Joseph, Mary, Christmas trees, etc!  Over the last week, we have made a few trips to Northpark Mall to observe Santa.  You see, last year, Adeline screamed through the visit so we decided we'd try giving her time to watch other kids around him without any pressure.  On our first visits, she had talked to him from a distance and gave him a high five...but no way was she going to sit near him! Our plan worked nicely and the third time was the charm!  "Wanna sit on Santa's lap!" and off she went. She told him she wanted a baby doll...and a new baby!  That wasn't what WE'VE been discussing.  Santa's got the baby doll under control, but she's gonna have to chat with God about the other!!!  Before she left, she again gave him a high five and even a kiss.  It was a precious sight! Pictures to come...

Praying you are blessed in this joyful season!!

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