Giving Thanks

I started this post yesterday -- at least in my mind!  Yesterday was a tremendous time with family and friends.  I am grateful for much!  I am guilty of getting caught up in the "day-to-day" that I tend to forget my thankfulness.  As I look back to my early posts, I was trying to post each week with a Thankful Thursday.  I'm challenging myself to get back to that as often as possible.

As we celebrated the day yesterday, I remain incredibly thankful for our new home.  We've been here just over a year and it still seems surreal.  We have great neighbors and so enjoy the quietness around us!  The beauty of the fall trees has been stunning. We recently had the roof replaced after this summer's hailstorm and it looks great.  Last week, we had sod laid in the front yard and it changed the look of things for the better, as well!  On the inside, we have plenty of room to enjoy one another's company and we are now looking forward to Advent and Christmas.

As always, I am thankful for my sweet girl. Adeline knocks our socks off everyday!  She talks ALL THE TIME!! She wakes up talking and goes to sleep talking! (and, like her mom, she sometimes talks in her sleep!!) Off the top of my head, she loves her family, her friends, her dogs, books, shoes, giraffes, and monkeys.  She has an intense laughter that causes us to smile and laugh right along with her.  She's a keen observer of the world around her!

My life would be so empty without Ben.  I am thankful for his gentle spirit that loves me and Adeline unceasingly.  After many years of prayer, God opened the door for a new job in March.  While the transition hasn't always been easy, we are thankful for this opportunity.  Ben is being challenged which causes us to be challenged so we are growing. What a gift he is to our family!

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