100 Weeks!

That's how old my toddler is today! I get a weekly email about growth
and development and each week posts your child's age in weeks. I think
it's a pretty cool way to think about it! The 100th day if school has
always been one of my favorites and this 100th week of Adeline's life
is an exciting milestone to me!

So, what does this 100 week-old toddler do? She walks, talks, plays,
laughs, climbs, sings, cries, runs, bosses, strolls, hides, giggles,
prays, organizes, rides, swings, slides, amazes, hugs, kisses,
smiles, obeys, disobeys, loves, reads, claps, dances ...and blesses us
more than we could ever have imagined!

May the Lord grant us hundreds and hundred and hundreds more weeks!

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