Heelariousness, Milestones, and Easter Blessings

That's quite a title, isn't it?! We have been so busy lately, but I wanted to catch up on some things that have been happening, so I'm doing one long post.

Okay...so a few posts ago I mentioned the shoes Ben got Adeline for Valentine's Day. I described them as "heelarious" as that is the brand name for these soft-soled high heel baby shoes! Hers are hot pink patent leather and we do just giggle every time we look at them. So, finally I am getting around to posting a few picks from the photo session we did at Penny's.
About a month ago, we decided to start the adventure into solid foods! She likes barley cereal much more than rice and peas are really the only vegetable she doesn't like. It's so fun to watch the different looks on her face! She is also doing a great job at sitting on her own. We keep the Boppy behind her most of the time, but she is doing the majority of the work all by herself. In fact, she doesn't enjoy being on her tummy as much because she'd much rather be up where she can see what's happening around her! When she is on her tummy, she uses her arms to scoot around a bit and is bending her legs like she may want to crawl eventually. She continues to make a wide variety of sounds and can be quite vocal! Hmmm...wonder where she gets that?!?!

Our first Easter with Adeline was a great day! We went to church and Adeline got to hunt eggs with her godmother, Grace. Really, the "hunt" consisted of sitting down on the floor to chew on a delightful blue egg! The music at Easter has always been very moving to me, especially as it was always one of my dad's favorite services. A neat part of the service this year was when two teenage girls were waving these long ribbons to the rhythm of the hymns we were singing. Adeline thoroughly enjoyed watching the ribbons move and sway with the music. It was such fun to watch her! We had lunch with the Hanneman's to celebrate Aunt Penny and Uncle Jeff's birthdays as well as Easter. The Easter Bunny hid a baker's dozen of eggs around the living room at home which we hunted later in the day. She found them all and ended up with five dollars in change to put in her piggy bank! Thank you, Easter Bunny!

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