One of the best prayers ever

So, last Sunday we went to Tulsa to see WICKED! It is an incredible musical that I could see over and over again! There was a large group of us, including my brother Chris, my sister-in-law Julie, her mom and aunts and cousins, and our friend, Wendy. After the show, we went to Julie's grandparents' home in Jenks to have pizza. We were asked to gather together so Chris could say the blessing for our meal. Now...you have to understand that we give Chris a REALLY hard time about blessing meals because he tends to get rather wordy! So, I prepared myself for more than just "thank you for the food and the family and friends all gathered together". True to form, he went on to specifically pray for various people in the family, including Adeline "who will be a cousin in March"!!!! Of course, my eyes were closed while praying but they popped open immediately to look at Chris and Julie, who were both beaming and grinning from ear to ear! We've been given permission to share the news and there's no better way than posting it in a blog, huh?!?! We ask your prayers for a healthy pregnancy for Julie and for this precious baby.

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kjds said...

what great news! i am so excited to hear about it!