19 months and counting!

My sweetness is 19 months old tomorrow! Like all the other milestones...it doesn't even seem possible. She continues to amaze us with her words as she has lots to say! She tries to say new things each and every day. She is quite comfortable with the word "NO" and isn't afraid to use it!

These days she tends to burst into laughter -- for really no reason at all! It's hysterical!

She's a great shopper!

She loves to be outside doing anything -- esp. swinging!

She likes animals -- esp. giraffes! (Dont' know why...she just does!)

She sweetly gives hugs and kisses and says "love you"!

The Easter Bunny left marshmellows in some of her eggs. She knows which cabinet to point to and asks for "mellows". She'd eat them all day if we'd let her!

She's learning how to be "nice" to her cousin, Chase. She likes to pat him on the back and point to his eyes, nose, mouth, ears...and give him kisses.

She is opinionated and has her own agenda many times throughout the day! One day she'll figure out that darting toward the corner results in Mommy or Daddy winning! :)

Adeline Jane -- you dazzle our world with love and laughter each day! We thank God for you, little girl!

P.S. I am learning how to post from my phone which will hopefully result in more frequent posts, esp. with pics. (The last few posts were actually from my phone!) Our desktop is down again so I haven't been able to download any pics in quite a while. The phone will have to do for now!

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Kelly said...

How do you post from your phone!? I need to learn that!! I can't believe how grown up she is....it goes so fast! I am positive she is absolutely precious...as both you and Ben are amazing people!!