Crazy May Days

This month has been busy! I have a bunch of pics to upload but something weird is happening to the computer so I'm waiting!

Since my last post, Adeline has sprouted another bottom tooth! She is still thinking about maybe crawling, but for now, just uses her arms and legs to turn around on the floor. She is making this very lovely shrieking sound (I think she just likes to hear herself). She isn't sleeping much during the day; therefore, she is sleeping quite a bit at night so I guess that's good. (I hope she isn't being too cranky at school.) It's now summer break for me which is mostly a change in routine. I will teach teachers off and on in June and July. Adeline will still go to the CDP but will have some days to just stay home and play with me!

Disney's The Lion King was here in OKC for the past five weeks. Ben, his mom, and I are Civic Center volunteers so we have each helped with many shows. In fact, that is how we spent my first Mother's Day as we signed up to volunteer without even thinking about that!! Adeline got to spend the day with my mom so that was a blessing for the two of them.

Adeline LOVES water! Her uncles and her daddy will tell you about how she immediately relaxed in the nurse's arms when she got her first head-washing at the hospital...and it has been that way ever since. We went to Kansas for a wedding at the beginning of May and took her to the indoor pool/waterpark in our hotel. She and I had a ball playing in the fountains and on the slide. (pics to come!) Then, on Memorial Day, we joined dear friends at their pool and she got to swim again. She kicked her legs and splashed her arms! I even took her underwater and she came up bright-eyed and happy! Her Uncle Kyle is ready to take her scuba diving!!

Uncle Kevin came home from the cruise ship last Saturday! He is taking a break for the summer to play music on land instead of water. He will be traveling to several music festivals and then may head back to the crusie scene in the fall. It's great to have hime home!

Our niece, Haley, is getting married Saturday. It seems like yesterday that she was getting her hair done for our wedding! We give thanks for her and Willie and pray God's blessings on them.

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