A little miracle

A little miracle happened on Friday afternoon! I picked Adeline up about 2:45 that afternoon and her teachers commented that she had been pushing on her ears most of the day. I called her pediatrician's office to find out that the dr. was out of the office, but I could call the dr. covering for her and hope to get an appointment for the Saturday morning hours she would have. Here's the miracle...we got an appointment at 3:15!! Indeed, Adeline's left ear was just infected, but we'd caught it early. I must add that we feel blessed that we've made it this long without one!! So, we started the pink meds that night and she is being a trooper in taking it morning and night. Ugh! The smell of that stuff makes me shudder a little!

Even in the midst of this, she is sleeping good at night, which is a blessing. The days are not so great as she fights taking her naps, esp. at the CDP. Whew! One day last week she slept only 15 minutes during the day! My heart hurts for her because she is fussy and cranky. It's hard to know if her ears are causing her to not sleep during the day or if she is just being stubborn. Hmm...which would you pick?

I know I need to add some pics, but it is going to have to wait! Our desktop hard drive is being replaced at this moment! Thankfully, we figured it out before it crashed completely. So, once it is back in working order, I will get some pictures up as soon as possible.

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Kelly said...

Bless her heart and so glad you caught it early!! Ear infections are no fun...Logan has only had one, and the only way I knew he even had it was because his equilibrium was so off...he was walking at a slant and kept falling over and walking into things!! It's funny now!! Hope she gets her naps back on track!!