An interesting title, I know, and I'll get to it momentarily!

Adeline is 17 months old this week and she is so much fun! She continues to learn all kinds of words, including "yes" to go with her "no"! She pointed to something in the sky the other day and I looked to see what it was. It was the first time to tell her about the moon (other than reading Goodnight Moon many times). Later that night, as we were getting out of the car, she pointed to the moon and said "moon"! It's so cool to watch it all come together. On another note...her bottom molars are breaking through so the teething adventures continue, in addition to another bottom tooth in the front. It's a joy to see her smile and even better when she laughs!

About the squats...as a teacher, I have tended to bend down or into a squatting position to be at eye-level with my kiddos. After all these years (this is my 16th year teaching -- when did that happen?!?!) it is just a habit. So, naturally, I do this with Adeline -- and she imitates it, too -- when she's brushing her teeth!!! It's the funniest thing! A few months ago we began using a real toothbrush and the trainer paste. I have been brushing my teeth at the same time trying to show her how it's done. Of course, I squatted down to be closer to her. As I hand her the readied toothbrush, she assumes her squatting position and is ready to go! Maybe we'll catch it on video...

Our cousin/nephew will be here soon! Aunt Julie, aka "JuJu", will be induced in just over a week unless Chase decides to come on his own. Please keep them all in your prayers as we await his arrival. We can hardly wait to meet him!

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