I continue to marvel as Adeline learns more and more words. It seems like each day she has something new to say! Acutally, one of the sweetest things she says right now is "no". She has shaken her head for several weeks and over the snow days began verbalizing it, too. Now, I know the day is coming when that word will not be so sweet, but we are smiling right now! Her teacher at the nursery commented today about how verbal she is. I wonder where she gets it?!?!

In the last month, she's had an ear infection followed by a sinus infection which resulted in several restless nights for all. Thankfully, we are all getting back to sleeping through the night!

Adeline's cousin will be born in the next few weeks. Aunt Julie (aka Juju) will be induced March 8th unless Chase decides to make his appearance earlier than that. We are ready to meet him and welcome him into our family!!

I have some other pics from the snow to get on the computer! She and I bundled up twice to get outside so she could investigate it. Her favorite part was simply having me carry her up and down the street; and she thought it was pretty fun when I threw a snowball at her tummy!

Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you, Father, that you love us and show us how to love.

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