Happy New Year!

NOTE: Ben and I wrote this post together on our laptop on Thursday, but all of the pictures still needed to be uploaded to the desktop. So, here it is Sunday and everything can be put together to post it for real!!

2009! WOW! What a year this has been! In all things, God has taken care of us throughout this year. Of course, our greatest blessing of 2008 is Adeline, but much more has happened, as well. In April, Chris and Julie were married so we increased the girl power there, too. Julie is a perfect fit for our family and we are so glad she's a part of us! We are thankful for our families now and always. Our niece, Haley, will be getting married in May, so our family will grow yet again. It has been fun getting to know Willie and we're glad to have him, too.
Some fun things about Adeline as we celebrate her 3 month birthday...
Just this week, she has started cooing and "talking" to us. She has been making all kinds of sounds before now, but you can look her in the eyes and talk about all kinds of things! It's so fun! She's also been blowing bubbles and chewing on her fist. The baby books have a space for logging when the baby finds their thumb, but we need a space for fist!! Maybe she'll go for the thumb later. It is fascinating to see different pieces of her personality forming. She has those moments where she laughs, giggles, and smiles, and then has these very serious faces when we wonder what she is analyzing inside that little brain.

We took her 3 month pics in her Christmas outfit this week. There were some great shots of her and the three of us. A few are posted below, as well as some of the other Watson Family pics from a few weeks ago. We captured some great moments for sure!

May God bless you and yours in 2009!


Kelly said...

Oh my goodnes, those pictures are precious! I love the one with Adeline and Kevin dancing..it literally brought a tear to my eye!!

Kristi said...

Aimee, Those pics are precious!! What great times! Hope you have a great day today! Love you, Kristi